C-Skins Baby Steamer Front Zip Blue Hearts

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C-Skins Baby Wetsuit Steamer is a simple 3/2mm Neoprene Front Zip Wetsuit.

A great suit for both young girls and boys to help get them in the surf with extra warmth and with the benefit of some additional sun protection. The long arms and long legs of this wetsuit providing that little extra warmth and coverage.

The C-Skins Baby-Child Wetsuit is designed to be easier to get on and off - aided by the sturdy YKK front zip. Great for those youngsters who want to join in the beach fun with their siblings.

The short smooth skin collar is also cut lower than normal wetsuits which can be the source of irritation for some little ones - so increasing comfort. Great for use in outdoor swimming pools where warmth and comfort is the main consideration. A practical, functional little suit to encourage youngsters to cover-up and play in the water without being discouraged by the chill.

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